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If you are a student, you can surely agree that writing an essay, a report or a coursework is a very complicated task, especially if you have no time to do it. Being busy with work, family or any other business you would gladly entrust someone else with accomplishing the assignment instead of you. Fortunately, there are numerous custom essay writing services that offer a wide range of paper types for multiple academic levels.

WiseEssays.com is one of such services, and it is approved to be safe and effective. As any other company, the platform has definite drawbacks, though, generally, it delivers quality and authentic essays, written and handled on time. Besides, the service features a qualified customer support team that is available 24 hours a day.

Products and Services Offered

While the custom essay writing market is full of diverse companies that offer approximately the same range of services, each platform strives to be unique in some point. A great range of accessible services is one of the most appreciated peculiarities of WiseEssays.com. The company works with 5 major academic levels, including:

  • High school;

  • College;

  • Undergraduate;

  • Graduate;

  • PhD.

It means that each customer from inexperienced high school student to the one working on a professional level can attain inevitable help here. Besides, WiseEssays.com presents numerous services, such as:

  • Academic writing (essay, term paper, coursework, research paper, article, article critique, case study, outline, brochure, boor review, annotated bibliography, etc.);

  • Assignments (multiple choice questions, PowerPoint presentation, lab report, group project, accounting problems, Math issues, statistics project);

  • Dissertation services (thesis proposal, dissertation, dissertation chapter, introduction, conclusion, research proposal, thesis and others);

  • Admission Service (Application essay, admission);

  • Editing Service.

WiseEssays.com is a great solution of any educational problems. Surely, it will cost you pretty good money, but the offer is really helpful.

Credibility of the Service

Apart from the services available and products offered, the vast majority of clients worry about the privacy policy of the service and confidentiality level. Besides, the question arises: Can I trust the service? Won’t it play a trick on me? Hardly anyone wishes his/her name to be disclosed and work to be plagiarized. It is a well-known fact that the reality is frequently different than promises. However, what WiseEssays.com promises are:

  • 100% original work fulfilled by the most qualified writers;

  • 100% plagiarism-free papers;

  • Dependable privacy policy and high confidentiality levels that guarantee your private information, payment data and assignment details to be anonymous and unknown to the third party.  

To check whether the company is not scam and see how the promises coincide with the true state of things, we have ordered a trial paper for a college student. The total cost of the essay was around $120 and it had to be fulfilled in 10 days. After 10 days of expectations we finally received the assignment. From the first glimpse, the work was perfect, though, in fact, there were minor errors. We addressed the customer support team to proofread the paper once again and at last we got a really excellent essay. No doubt, the price is quite considerable, though the time you save is worth it. Having checked the work on the issue of plagiarism, it was found 100% original and authentic. In fact, this small investigation gives us a right to say that WiseEssays.com is a truly legit service that provides customers with the best offers and beneficial deals.

Pricing and Discounts Offered by WiseEssays.com

Considering the financial part of the issue, it is inevitable to say that one should pay for convenience. Thus, the cost is rather considerable, but it serves a value of your time and effort. A very good option offered by WiseEssays.com is an online calculator that gives a client an opportunity to pre-count the final price of the paper he/she needs. Choose the required features:

  • Type of assignment;

  • Educational level;

  • Urgency of the essay;

  • Number of pages;

  • Spacing.

Based on the selected options, the price per page can range from $14.95 up to $33.95 for a usual essay. Calculate your ability to pay for the paper before you place an order. Keep in mind a couple of discounts offered by the service. They include:

  • 20% off for first order;

  • 25% off for the second order;

  • 5% off for paper that consists of more than 20 pages;

  • 10% off for essays of 50-99 pages;

  • 15% off for orders of 100+pages.

  • $0.03 to $0.10 off per page for multiple choice questions of 21- 39/ 61+ questions accordingly;

  • 5, 10 and 15% discounts for admission papers for 2, 4 and 6+ pages respectively

Testimonials from site
Testimonials from site

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  1. provides best qualityFirst of all I need to mention thehigh quality offered by WiseEssays.com I haven’t ever seen and received such quality papers in any other essay writing websites and also as well as the money charged is also very low comparing to other essay writing websites. I am very satisfied with WiseEssays. It is very helpful for my essay writing submission as good. They provide best and good quality essays and provide guaranteed custom delivery. WiseEssays.com provides best services rather than the other essay writing services. Definitely I will always dependable to this service for my any essay writing.
  2. perfect choiceI have used WiseEssays.com for 2 years now and finally decided to review them because they deserve it, I found out about them through a friend in the UK when I visited there a few years ago. There was only one time that there was a problem and it was taken care of quickly! I would not use any other service as it has been proven to me repeatedly that I can count on them for exceptional work and customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Reliable, quick, patient and helpful. What more could you want in a custom essay writing service? Thanks to everyone at WiseEssays !
  3. WiseEssays halped me in many situationsWiseEssays helped me in many situations. I try not to wait till the last moment to make my order, but sometimes life throws me something uncalled for and I have no time to do the studying. But even on a short notice writemypaper4me gives great papers. I have never received less than B+ for the assignment. Although I checked for other writing services with prices a bit lower, but the chances are high they are frauds.So, i can truly recommend this writing service to other student, who need help in their studies. As a result, you get an excellent paper, and you won’t be sorry for it . Your professor will admire you and you’ll get a high grade. That’s all i need to be happyb and not to worry about my studies

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