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Rushessay is another participant in the essay writing services market on the Internet. Obviously experienced and reasonably priced, Rushessay is the old player in this niche and have recommended itself as fast and reliable resource. There are tons of really good and memorable reviews about this place and they are all legit. But there are some, which cast a bit of a shadow on this venerable and highly professional team of writers. We tried to do a bit of research on the subject matter and present honest opinion.

The website boasts colorful design and 15% discount for the first order banner screams from the home page. This looks more than just promising. The company offers number of essay and writing-related services which are not only of high quality, but very quick as well. This website offers rush essays for reasonable price and time. The order procedure is user-friendly and easy to navigate. One can choose the required service, pay for it and count precious minutes until getting the much needed essay.

One could think this is a win-win situation. Perhaps, the stars aligned the wrong way or the writer experienced some difficulties while fulfilling his duties, but the final product is not the thing we would like to see in the end, considering $140 we spend for this investigation. Some of the mixed reviews seem to be quite true. The subject matter is not thoroughly discussed and the key points are not revealed fully. There are minor orthographical mistakes, which is a huge surprise for the company like this. It is really a minor nuisance, but it makes the whole picture somewhat pale in comparison to other websites which work on this market.

There is something wrong on the deadline department too, because we received the paper few minutes later than were initially promised. I do not know if this is the server mistake or the time zone difference error. We can blame whoever we want, but the fact is the fact. Rush essays is not that precisely deadline-wise careful. We were not very fortunate with the experience, and it seems the mixed review team gets richer by one more convert. prices list
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  1. rushessay rateI just can’t believe all the positive reviews about this place. This know the business, but they seem not to use their full potential. I have no idea how they could done such poor job, considering that they have on board the big number of highly-experienced writers. At least the official website boasts with this information. They stick to the deadline, but the final essay (on economic stagnation in my country) looks like the batches of different texts were sewn together and re-written a bit. I made this review as honest as possible. Take this as a notice, before applying for their services.
  2. My comment for RushessayIt is really good that this organization can give you 15% discount on the first purchase. But, if it were me, who decided on the final price, I would take additional 50% off the cost, because this was not the best experience I have ever had in a long while. I just needed an ordinary essay for my English classes and what I've got is not 100% plagiarism proof text. I wanted our relationship to be long and prolific, but his looks like they ripped the Wikipedia article apart and tried to amend it. I am not a native speaker, but from what I’ve seen on the received pages – cannot be counted as the work of Native English speaker as well. Take that as a warning review.
  3. Rushessay feedback24/7 support service is not really a true statement as I have called numerous time at the evenings and literally no one picked up the freaking phone. Am I not the customer who deserves the required attention? The quality of the job done is so-so, with the few spelling issues, but this is ok I guess. The most disappointing thing for me here is that they delayed the delivery and this is unacceptable. I paid for the rush rate and did not get what was intended. Moreover, the rats are not that affordable as I have hoped.
  4. very dishonestThis is not a simple "buyer's remorse". Without taking so long, the quality initially was very good (I paid for progressive delivery). Then it gradually deteriorated to a childish English. My product with a scientific piece. Mistakes were like "cancer causes smoking" instead of saying "smoking causing cancer". I tried to highlight the mistakes. I then noted all references were randomly assigned and incorrect. Half way through the process I asked for a .doc version rather than the pdf to be able to leave all my exhaustive comments. Spent 2 hours correcting their work, mistakes were repeated. Deadline passed. Now this is the interesting bit, when I got fed up and asked for a refund they said "your order was approved and now your order is non-refundable". I said I never approved it, "oh! we approved it on your behalf to send you the .doc file" so now it's not refundable. Escalated to management, they agreed in an email that the paper is "below standard". In the meantime I was getting fed up and needed the money to pay someone else to do the job, I then put a claim with paypal as they were taking so long and sending me confusing messages. Unfortunately paypal said they don't get involved in such "quality" disputes, so left me to contact the buyer. The next interesting bit they said oh, we are not considering it now as paypal has already decided we won, so stuff it. I then said I am putting a review here, so they said "$100 is the maximum I can offer you for removing the feedback". I insisted I need a refund, then they said, ah well you can put a feedback if you want we are not giving you any money now. By the way, I still don't have my completed work, and they refuse to give me my money. So in summary, very manipulative, very dishonest and above all did not deliver what I paid them for and never recognised they were already a week behind the deadline even with their substandard product.
  5. RushEssay is a FraudI used for research for a research paper. I paid extra for VIP services including extra proofreading and an english as a primary language writer. They were to provide a PHD, a PHD in my topic area. The research they provided was simply unuseable. It was blatantly plaigiarized. The writing was obviously not from an english as a first language speaker. The writing was at most at a elementary school level and most of it was abosolutely non-sensical. It was a total waste of money.
  6. ScammedThey are scammers unwilling to provide the address of the company, other than "Delaware,USA". The representatives are actually located in the Philippines. The work is completely plagiarized and they make unauthorized transactions on your form of payment.
  7. Very poor quality This was first time I used writing services and it was a terrible experience. The document arrived 6 days after the deadline and was of very poor quality. And all of these after paying extra for premium level quality, top 10 writer and high priority. Whoever wrote it didn't have any experience in the field and didn't even try to understand paper description. Very disappointing especially considering rude customer service when after 5 days after the deadline I requested order cancelling and refund. Avoid this service and safe for money.

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