When you are looking for the place to order an essay, you hope for the best option in terms of the price and quality. Sometimes, such websites offering the said services can become long-term cooperators, and sometimes they are just another type of scam, which can let you down. In order not to be misguided, we have done our review of after thoroughly researching this website and making the test purchase of an essay. The outcome is a pretty mixed bag as initially expected due to the fact, that there are some mixed reviews with complaints on the net, concerning this website. Not that I say it is not 100% legit, but still there are some minor issues I want to discuss here. But everything shall be presented in its own time.

After visiting, one may have a really pleasant opinion about the place. The home page is neatly-done with pretty happy faces of students (as expected) and the traditional headers, boasting 10 years of experience, vast stuff of writers (mammoth number of employees, I would say as it reports over 2500 of the unique text creators. On the left side of the home page we can see the quotes of the happy clients, which are 100% happy with the experience they had with this organization, which, I must add, has been put to thorough examination, by yours truly. You can see what kinds of services the website offers by clicking on the Services menu. It should be noted that the guys offer free sample and 15% discount for the first order. Another positive part is that they give you full money back in case you change your mind and cancel the order for no matter what reason. It is said so. No reasons should be specified. I think this is quite convenient feature.

The price policy is reasonable, not to say average, starting from $11.30 per standard page 250 words each for the high school paper, and going higher for college and master papers. You can as well order an urgent essay, if the time is of the essence; I guess the price is agreed for each order individually. And, as any modern website, this one has live chat support, where you can learn any information, concerning your future order.

Now we move to the most crucial part of our review. We have ordered the essay to test the website services. It was the master’s paper. The company charged $80, which is not that cheap I would say. This is higher that we initially expected as there are tons of other websites, offering the same services, but for a significantly lower price. Still, we all know that the quality doesn’t come cheap. So we waited for the designated deadline. The interesting part starts here. We got the essay, but not exactly on the agreed deadline. It is not a big deal, but you expect more from the people, who charge you such amount. And the quality of work is quite substantial, but not bad, mind you. There were few slips in terminology, few punctuation errors. I expected to see top-notch. So, the summary is non eloquent, but to the point – I would give 3 of 5 stars to this website, and state that there are places where you can get better quality for fair price.

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  1. mediumI have been an avid, so to say, fan, who really liked this guys, but something has happened lately to and now comes the time for honest review. No more personal approach for the likes of us or timely delivery. They keep asking for deadline extensions, and it doesn’t matter what type of urgency my task has. The pricing policy was rather acceptable, but after the last couple of assignments that I've got from them, I do not think that their prices match the offered quality. You can always find a better option with the best quality-price proportion.
  2. Payforessay reviewNow I am seriously pissed off! You gonna be kidding me, folks! I hoped for the customized service with legit prices and quality, but instead I have got this! Where is my thoroughly researched topic? Do you really think that the man who worked on my papers knows what really happens? I doubt he is familiar with the field and the required terminology. The finished worked is a half-baked essay with spelling mistakes. Moreover, I got the finished assignment not at the earlier agreed time. What has happened to you? Beware of the scam services!
  3. Pay for essay site feedbackIt is not that I call the team scammers or something, but it does not look like legit service to me. I came up with the simple editing assignment. I composed an essay which I thought to be uninspiring and weak in some places and I needed to fix it. Payforessay seemed quite a respectful website, boasting English-native academic pros. But what I got in the end was basically the same text with a few amendments. General picture was the same. I was unimpressed and asked for the revision free of charge. Nothing changed after that either.

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