Everybody needs a help, especially if your school grades depends on it or your thesis has a little time to be finished and submitted. This is why you seek assistance on a side, and many companies, such as, have sprouted like mushrooms after heavy rain and taken this niche by the beard. Many apologies for such a vivid comparison, but the truth is the truth and the essay writing services is the big market right now, which gets more and more newcomers every month or so. wants to be your partner badly and it looks legit at the first glance.

It is quite young service provider, if we compare it to the bunch of other websites, boasting experience and proficiency alongside 100% confidentiality. The company claims to be 3 years on the market already (judging by the year the website was made) and showcases the big number of creative contributors from different fields. The home page will not take you by surprise, because it contains the standard information, your usual sweet stuff about how good they are and how proficient. We are interested in the testimonials page, where bunch of reviews are presented. Customer’s feedback looks a bit contrived, because there are few of them, with the client’s first name and the short positive review. No dates, specifying when the review was added, no actual data, which could convince us that those words are real.

Speaking about the offered services, claims doing a bit of everything in the academic field – from homework assignments to “anything else you could imagine” which does not sound really assuring, because I really doubt that the young organization like can have enough resources and capacity to do so much things at the same time and keep the clients truly happy. Our investigation proved our suggestions right.

Let’s get inside the prices department and see what we have here. The prices, we would say, I not average and by far not really reasonable. Starting from $20 (school paper) and going up to $50 for the rush jobs, this place demonstrates the ambition of a fast-growing company with the pretension to be the best on the market. One can order a sample essay or get information from Live chat, but we decided to order a homework itself and try out the company at work. It cost us more than $50, and the results view not a Turkish delight either. I really hope that chose the wrong writer for the assignment or there was something else on their way, but the final solution looked nowhere near as a professional paper. The language and tone were the baffling spectacle of lazy half-baked thoughts, and the syntax itself felt like created by the high-school undergraduate. Hey, guys, this was not we were looking for.

The communication with the above mentioned provider was not that bad, but not something we expected from the esteemed company like this. The operator on the live chat window seemed a little bit unenthusiastic or tired of communication. We hoped to be in a closer contact with the writer himself, but we were not granted such privilege. Guys just received our instructions, and asked us no questions during the process of working on our assignment. They offered charge-free revision, though, which can be really useful, if you are not really pleased with your final product. All in all, the experienced with was quite controversial. If you want a far superior service, you can find decent offers somewhere else.

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  1. My home work done feedbackThere is small amount of information about this company, and this was my biggest mistake in choosing the trustworthy provider. I hope my review and honest feedback will help the rest of you, guys, who still searches for the essay writing services with acceptable rates and legit authors. I did not need any specialist in a particular field. I just needed history essay, 3 custom pages, and the result is not the best thing I have ever seen so far. I asked for free revision, and nothing changes in the new version of the file. I had to revise everything myself.
  2. myhomeworkdone reviewWell, it was a long way of getting the desired result. I looked for someone to get my physics homework done because I had neither time nor desire to do it myself. I heard a lot about such service providers and decided to pick up myhomeworkdone for a help. They had the lowest prices for the school undergraduate jobs and the legit trustworthy website. It was great working with the website's managers. They asked the right questions and got the job done in time, but after submitting it to my teacher, he quickly returned it back with the note - I know you can do better. Well, I decided not to waste time asking for my money back, but I just want to let you know - you should check their work thoroughly.
  3. myhomeworkdone sad expirienceIt is really sad that there are not enough reviews about this place and what I found seems to be quite positive. I do not know who wrote those reviews, but what I have encountered is totally different. Is this place legit? Is the service trustworthy? For sure. There lots of good testimonial on the website, but I am not sure they are real. The communication with the company was good. They answered every question and gave enough information, so I could make a decision. They've done the job, but my grade was average. I thought I could get better results.
  4. I failed This was a waste of money! My instructor failed my paper because of grammar errors and not having a strong enough thesis. I paid almost $300 for help and they failed me. Never again.
  5. Rewriting in progressHORRIBLE. Bad writing skills really. Writes as though English is their second language. Wasted my money.
  6. Fuck that place...Order #563819 It was a math assignment. The writer worked on it for over a month and a half before s/he finally gave up. I spent close to $110... I contacted the company asking for a full refund, if not partial, but they were like.. you have to spend another $80+ so another writer could revise this. But no guarantee that I'll pass or my money back. I think not.
  7. myhomeworkdone- worst serviceWorst Service ever. Did not get my paper in the time promised. they extended it by 30 minutes and i missed my deadline. I got no marks for it because of late submission. Do not opt for this service if project is urgent. Doit urself, makes more sense.

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