Lots of online companies offer a variety of writing, copywriting, editing, proofreading and other expert services. Students don’t have to waste precious time on endless study anymore. They can spend time on working experience or friends and family. However, we need to pay for everything that improves life. There is plenty of writing services in the network where you can place your order and get it back at a certain time. The only problem now is to find real legit one that would be worth paying for writing works. Be careful, there are many scam websites out there whose purpose is to steal your money and give you nothing in return. is one of the legit web services that was created to solve some academic problems. The slogan of website says: “Become essay-free in just one click!” They offer to order written essays, research papers, theses, dissertations and college assignments from high-qualified and experienced writers. claims a crack team of professionals and experts with years of experiences in graduate and postgraduate papers. They also say that promise to make your academic essay free of plagiarism and provide guarantees of free-mistake texts, but only in words. They represent themselves as an officially registered business with following the customer protection laws. This company can certainly say a lot of true things, but check it is our responsibility. Let’s see together what we have been able to learn about their real actions and orders from their past clients and from our personal experience.

Website interface

When you come to the website, you see the happy and free girl, attracting slogan, bright button “order your essay now”, and phone number of customer service. All the objects look so trusting and make us stay there a little longer. The blue and orange background seems so friendly and welcoming. Scroll the page down in order to see the general information and the main advantages that they decided to give us as soon as possible right on the first page. There are no price rates, writers’ descriptions, and no guarantees as well. They have absolutely no bonus and discount programs even for regular customers. You can also read some of the reviews and testimonials left by their clients and the common details about various kinds of writing services, but you need to go deeper into the website.

Writing services has a wide range of different types of writing, including articles, assignments, book reviews, essays, speeches, term papers, coursework, and dissertations. The price per page starts from $20 with a 20-day deadline to $50 with a 10-hour deadline. The smallest time period that they are available to make your order is 8-23 hours. There are no options to deal with your urgent academic “disaster” for 1-2 hours. Moreover, their price rates are very high. Editing and formatting services cost from $10 to $25 per page that is about 300 words.

We checked their clients’ feedback all over the Internet and came across plenty of complaints. People were dissatisfied with the quality of done papers, with expensive rates, with missing deadlines, and even with inadequate support actions. There were also found some positive reviews about their high-quality academic works and full support during the waiting process. When we saw a lot of discontents, we finally decided to go to the experiment and make an order ourselves to make sure or dispel doubts.

First, you need to sign up and create your own account where you can place an order. We went through all the stages and ordered a 5-page master’s essay with an 8-14-day deadline and a $151 cost. We wanted to check the quality and delivery dates. When we made the order, they sent us an email with details and receipt. We got the done work back only 11 days later. It was just the 5-page essay, but anyway, they met the deadline. We found only one punctual error, and the work was written quite close to the master’s style. Generally speaking, the result did not disappoint us but did not please us at all. Most of all we didn’t like the price rates which are very high compared to other writing services.


 This writing help service turned out to be the average. There are a lot of more worthy competitors all over the network. We stayed dissatisfied with the expensive prices here. The quality of academic papers is good, but the long preparing process makes it worse. This web service probably can help you with specific academic essay and make it within a deadline. But keep in mind, there are a lot of better writing platforms on the Internet. Anyway, the choice is yours!

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  1. not goodI am a sophomore who has a lot of homework and I am fed up with all this papers already! I am young and I'm greedy for free time. I prefer to spend my time on getting new knowledge and walking with my friends around. I usually place orders here on this website, but I have noticed that every time they delayed my essays. Last time it was the 5-day missing deadline. But anyway I paid more than $100. Moreover this service made my work not on A grades, I got only C and rarely B. that sucks. Now I think I should find a new platform.
  2. before was betterI have been working with this service for 2 years, they provided me with the decent level of work. Everytime when I needed to make an order quickly they fixed it all out for me. They gave me the bonus card that allowed to have a discount. Recently something went wrong and they changed their strategy. I left out of any discounts, they stopped to deliver the done works within deadlines. It seems like this writing service is not reliable anymore. I am afraid of giving them new orders bc Im not sure they can do it well. I looked into the network and I found many with better descriptions website who offer lower prices and provide with higher quality.

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