There were some complaints and interesting points about this website, so we decided to check whether they are all legit, or should we neglect those comments in favor of a more pleasant experience with this company. Long story short, let us visit the place and learn what all the fuss is about, because every man needs 100%-reliable companion, who always delivers the quality on time. This website boasts both – top quality and on-time delivery. Let us visit home page without hesitation and learn our own truth.

The website looks good, and the navigation is simple. You can easily find the section you are interested in whether it is prices, type of services or quoting. The layout is pleasant to the eye and user-friendly. As usual one can find lots of complementary feedbacks from the customers and boasting lines about plagiarism free services. It should be noted that there is custom paper features. The websites custom page is 275 words per page, which is not a common practice and looks quite promising price wise, because most of the websites have it 250 words per standard page. Another great feature of the website is the plagiarism check mechanism where you can copy received text and find out whether it pops out in someone else’s papers. Quite convenient, isn’t it? The pricing policy is quite reasonable, but pay attention to the fact that the presented prices on the website do not include fees for research made by the writers. This information is presented below the price table, but you still can miss it. And it adds up to the total sum. All in all, you can get the job done cheaper in other places on the internet.

Speaking about the essay itself – we have a few things to say about the way the job was done. It is not our best experience to date and not the worse one either. Keep this in mind, when you plan to deal with It cost us $128 to get the master’s paper and the quality was average. There are lots of specifics to deal with, so we won’t delve into it in order not to waste your time. To put it short – it could be done ways better if the author could keep the communication during the essay creation process in a more efficient way. It seems that the writer did not look into the subject matter thoroughly. Bear in mind, there are dozens places, where you can get better services and in-depth subject knowledge. Considering the average prices and the discount system, this service rendering company could be the holy grail of the essay writing world, but in fact, it isn’t.


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  1. My review for EssaylibBe careful when you deal with You can stumble upon them while looking for legit essay writing bureau. The guys claim they have big number of professional offers in stuff with the degrees in required fields, but I do not see how you can verify this information. There is no proof on their website, and this was my fatal mistake. I ordered my dissertation thesis and gave strict instructions. Not even they managed to ignore them, they send the paper late, even though I have inquired many times what caused the delay. The support team is far from perfect.
  2. Essaylib feedbackEssaylib have a real problem with formatting the final product. They may be have really good writers team and fair prices, but they do not know what really good formatting looks like when it comes to creating thesis. The reference page is a real mess. The reference pages are wrong, and some of the references don’t even exist! At list I personally couldn't find them, even though I spent enough time googling and searching it. They may be not scammers, but a considerable waste of time. Just be careful.
  3. My essaylib rateI needed a simple lab report with required formatting. I sent all the necessary information and data. The instructions were simple. But the communication from the service provider was not something I would expect. They asked not a single question, and this is what bothered me along the way while I was waiting for the finished job. Well, bad for me I didn’t check the lab report and submitted it to my teacher. The results – the grade is C and I’ve got a really bad feeling that the teacher suspected that I have nothing to do with writing the lab report myself!
  4. DO NOT USE ESSAYLIB.COM!!!!This company claims to have hired professional writers. This is not the case. Everyone should beware! do not use this company! I gave very detailed and specific instructions upon placing my order, I even paid extra to have it fast tracked. The type of paper was specified multiple times, which was an argumentative essay. By the end of my experience, the so called "professional writer" had written a paper that did not fit the necessities of an argumentative essay at all. The paper was worth a zero percent; however, my instructor was generous enough to give partial credit as a 50% even though the paper did not deserve it. The company refused to take responsibility, and did not refund me. In the future if this happens to anyone, know that you can seek legal action if you so choose. The company provides false information to simply get your money. They do not hire professional writers. They say this is a company guarantee and it is not. If you can prove the writer is not a professional, you can be heavily compensated for the company's lies and misconduct. Also, I have yet to receive a refund.
  5. Falls advertised unprofessional writersDo not use essay lib. The support team is very fake. for my paper, I got a failed result. I asked for refund or credit towards to future orders they would not give any refund or credit at all. perfect with nice words but unprofessional writers and falls advertised.

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