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Paper and essay writing services have come a long way from the niche market extravaganza to a worldwide phenomenon comprising many different subgenres of writing and other creative activities. Text creation is the big thing now and linguistic experts join their forces to bring the said services to the new level and attract as many customers as possible, beginning with the interesting discount rates, competitive prices and ending with distinguished offers and top quality. High quality is a boast which every writing service provider strives to employ, but what a real experience can tell us about a company, especially the one, which concentrates its attention and all intellectual assets on offering help with your dissertations.

 There were some really scathing review and the good ones as well, so we decides to take the matter n out hands and investigate if this website scam or legit enterprise. The subject matter is very specific and we are really interested in how does it feel to work with those people and check their offers on our own skin. As in almost every cases, the front page promises 15% discount for the first paper, seasoned US writers (more than 150, actual, and we can’t verify this information), guaranteed money back in case of dissatisfaction and timely delivery. Each statement attracts client’s attention and screams for your money. Considering the complexity and field the website team has chosen, the prices seam adequate enough, starting from 25 dollars per written page. The page itself can be customized and include 300 and 600 words each. It is really interesting to note that, notwithstanding the fact that this company offers only high-quality dissertation papers, the pricing page includes offers for essays and research paper writing, starting from $17. It seems quite strange on one hand.

 As many reviews claim, the initial communication was quite a pleasant experience. We discussed what topic we needed to cover and the planned word count. The pleasantries ended on this stage. The support team was not really responsive when it came to us, that the deadline was nearing closure. The team asked us for extension a few times, and after the anticipation, we received the papers and started reviewing them immediately. Though, the paper’s subject was thoroughly researched and revealed in the desired manner, the deadline issue really let it down. Another thing is the price, which in no way can be called moderate. We were charged more than initially asked, due to the fact that the author spent additional time researching and reviewing the material. Good for them, and bad for us. To sum it up, the service seems quite legit, but mind that they fair bad with the deadlines, and there are much cheaper service providers with highly-experienced writers.

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  1. DissertationTeam feedbackSeemed to be great service with acceptable prices at first. I needed the service to finish my dissertation paper. I required some parts revised and some written from scratch and the guys seemed to be the perfect choice, because they specialize only on dissertations. I gave them my trust, and while they missed the deadline and asked for more time, the final document wasn’t that bad. But still the revised parts needed more work to be done, and the ones which were written anew, demanded heavy editing.
  2. My dissertation feedbackFor the website which works with such difficult papers as dissertations this one looks legit enough, but still has minor issues. When you send them quotation request, the answer doesn't come fast. I had to wait several hours to get the price for the document I needed to be made for my course. May be it was somehow caused by the specifics of the field and the team took so much time to research and understand how much effort and days it would take to finish the job. They missed the deadline anyway.
  3. DissertationTeam.com reviewThe truth is I want to be as informative as possible. Writing dissertation is the serious thing, very important one, because your degree depends on it. You can get one or go bite the dust. Reaching for help and asking such service providers for assistant is much more serious affair and dissertationteam.com looks promising on the front. Deadlines are the most vital factor in submitting the paper, and sometimes the guys let you down on this front. And the prices could have been lower. I guess there are services who offer cheap papers, but I am not sure if you can trust them. Time will show.

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