The spreading idea these days is to use virtual assistants for almost everything we need to do. Our coffee is made by coffee machine, our launch is prepared by microwave, and if we have the knowledge gap, we can google it directly to know. There are lots of different opportunities for students which can allow them not to study hard but to have good grades. To order an essay or written work online is also on the help list. Plenty of internet resources offer quite the same high-quality and low-price products. However, you should be attentive not to come across the scam that no one can differ from legit sites. Read our reviews that help you a lot with the proper choice.

Now we are going to look at the website that contains a large amount of content, most of which seems absolutely useless. Their mission is described as a huge passion for helping students everywhere and anytime to solve their assignments out there. They promise to provide top-quality writing academic services that are made by high-qualified experts and professionals. We read all the info on the website and decided to check them out. Is this a real legit writing service or just another scam aimed at getting a quick buck? Let’s see what we found.

Website interface

When you come to, you see a calm and discreet welcome page. The order form is located on the right side of the homepage where you can fill in all the necessary options and instantly get the total price. On this page you will find only general information about the workflow and its advantages. If you need to know prices, time terms and reviews, you should go deeper. The first page is just an absolutely useless picture for visitors. The Services tab introduces the types of documents they make. The Prices says how long it takes and how much it costs. There are also some freebies that you can get by making an order. The Samples tab gives you an example-essay with a detailed description: price, time, graduate level, and what writing style was used. This may be useful for understanding the level of quality of future work. The exact amount of the discount you can easily calculate yourself. They offer 5%-15% off depending on the number of pages of your future academic paper. Moreover, everyone can get a 15%-discount on the first order. Reviews tab contains testimonials from customers, but how can we be sure of their real reliability. Definitely a good point is that the website has an instant chat where you are able to question them. The site is full of massive content that takes hours to read. To sum up, the interface is not ease of use, you need to make some actions in order to obtain the necessary information.

Writing services offers a limited range of services including only the most popular works among students as essays, dissertations, math assignments, admission papers, resume services, editing, proofreading and copywriting which are not available in the expertise of a small number of writers who represent on the website. Our team searched through the Internet to find out the real reviews about this writing service. It turned out that most customers were dissatisfied with the done work. It is said that there were some problems with filling out the form. Other clients couldn’t get a 15% discount for newcomers. Negative reviews and all the customer complaints confused us, and we decided to make our own order in order to find the truth.

Only $12.99 for one page, that is approximately 275 words, is an affordable price even for high school students, but the 14-day deadline seems terribly long. The next level takes 10 days and costs $15.99. The highest rate is $41.99 coming with a 3-hour deadline. We assumed that less time of writing the order makes the better quality of work, as the cost increases much more than would depend only on the timing. Moreover, it seems suspicious that any kind of academic paper, such as a scientific dissertation or a simple essay, comes with the same price range depending only on the number of pages and deadline dates.

There is only one way to be sure whether to choose or not – to make an order. Hoping that one of the writers would be qualified enough to write our paper, we placed an order and received feedback instantly. They sent us an email to clarify some issues. We went for the highest rate to check the quality. We paid $125 for a 5-page scientific essay that should have been done within 24 hours. The result disappointed us. The finished work was back after 2 days, they sent us a message with apologies in advance, but they didn’t refund our money and didn’t give us any discount. They only promised to provide us with much faster result next time. To be honest, we are not about to give them a second chance. This would be the case if the essay quality was good enough, but the paper turned out to be pretty weak. There were no scientific terms at all, and some mistakes were made. We definitely would not get an excellent grade for this academic paper.


We could say this is an average online service, that has no visible advantages, but it is quite simple to use. There is a lack of well-qualified writers. On the other hand, they offer a good price for the long-term orders. If you need a quick result, it is better to save money by choosing another website. There are lots of more reliable and profitable writing platforms throughout the Internet that we recommend using instead.

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  1. averageThe last year I have been working and studying hard at the same time. I had not enough time to write all the stuff like academic essays, papers. First I paid my course mate for that..but later he was out of the business.Then I came across this website. My first and last work ordered there was good but not enough for getting excellent grades for that. I quitted them bc if I paid for paper i wanna have a the highest result,not an average. now I'm looking for a suitable option..better service. do any of you guys know another essay writing service?
  2. sucksI made an order for 500 bucks. The deadline time was 5 was too urgent to be missed. They promised to finish on time. It was my master dissertation..I didn’t have time for last chapter and decided to try this service. I was waiting and after 5 days I texted to Customer Support...there was no answer. Great! What could I do. In 2 days more they delivered the dissertation and I sent it instantly to my supervisor. He accepted that but was so disgruntled with the missing deadline and he also found a few mistakes. I am not grateful to this service, they didn’t do their work well.

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