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The reviews exist to protect you from scam and find the perfect solution for all your problems, especially if you are looking for the place with affordable prices and trustworthy stuff. Is one of those services who can be relied upon or are they the ones that you should avoid at all costs? We did our own investigation and found some really good review and the scathing ones, which claim that this place is not that legit as it claims to be. The truth should be learned and we are about to reveal what it is to work with this company.

The official website looks legit enough to put your initial hopes and trust into the hands of people, who will be in charge of your grades and may be your carrier, because going for help in writing your papers is a very important step. The guys reports over 1500 authors in their disposal and all over them 100% English language natives. They claim they do a bit of everything from simple high-school papers to dissertations and offer affordable prices, which is quite true, considering the loyalty program and discount system. Check everything out on their home page. Clients’ testimonies session is quite a revelation, because it is presented not in the form of written confessions and review, but in the form of three videos. This is quite an unusual feature. This place is rich with the information about why you should trust your tasks to this organization, which sounds quite appealing as usual. Marketing specialist have done great work with this one so far.

Let’s move to the next part of our review and discuss the paper we ordered from grademiners. The support team was very pleasant to speak to. They catered to every need and asked the right questions, concerning the field, topic and themes of our paper. It costs us quite a fortune – $150. All the goodness about this place ceases when we received the actual order. The finished product was nowhere as good as it supposed to be at such price. Let’s begin with simple spelling errors and grammar. Guys! It sounds like non-native speaker created this flow of consciousness fiction, which has nothing common with the subject matter of our academic paper. The support team was not as supportive as at the beginning of our cooperation. We demanded at least partial refund, but they decided otherwise, citing the unusual specifics of the topic and that they did lots of research, notwithstanding the fact that the homepage offers 100% money-back guarantee. It sounds crazy like an outright lie. But this is what happened, and you should beware of the consequences, which come after working with this company. If you need something more legit and of high quality, look somewhere else. The final product, which we received, was middling at best.

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  1. Plagiarists !This is one of the few providers that you should clearly stay away. Understood? Just be gone when you see the name grademiners, because it conceals the fraudulent behavior and tons of wasted time. It is really good that you can make payment through paypal and then open the dispute. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to retrieve at least partial amount of money. The quality of my paper wasn't even average. It contained too many obvious vocabulary misusages and silly grammar mistakes. May be they’ve got real English speakers, but the one which worked on my paper clearly does not have an idea of how simple academic work should sound.
  2. GradeMiners feedbackNever go near this lot, boys and girls! It was really unpleasant experience, notwithstanding the fact that there are big number of good reviews. I guess those are the fake ones and have nothing to do with reality. I just want to let you know that this company has a really big problem with the revision. I was unsatisfied with the essay. It looked like high-school undergraduate wrote the paper. And I asked for the revision, and they actually done it. But the facts are that they changed the few sentences and nothing else. This is not a profound revision I asked for. Read this review, decide for yourself whether they are legit service provider or not.
  3. Grade Miners essay feedbackEach bad review which I could find about grademiners (which are not many) came true in my case. The guys are polite and talkative until they get your payment, and then something happens to them. Every good trait, for which you ought to give them excellent rating, disappears. When I got the essay, the thought came to me that this wasn't created by the English-native speaker. I’ve got the middling grade and asked for at least partial refund, but they did everything to avoid this. So, decide for yourself and keep your money safe from those people.

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